Need a Practice Field?

Practice Fields

Coaches need to contact the BASC 3rd VP to reserve a practice field for their team.

If you need to change practice field locations or have a general question about BASC practice locations, please contact the BASC 3rd VP.

BASC 3 rd VP:


Once you have been assigned a practice field, please use only the practice field you have been assigned. The BASC has many fields around Broken Arrow that we as a club have been given permission to use. There are also a few fields that are privately owned and only certain teams have been granted permission to use. If you are using a private field that you have not been given permission to use, the land owner may consider it as trespassing and law enforcement could become involved. If you are currently in violation of using an unauthorized practice field, contact the BASC 3 rd VP in order that we can find your team an available BASC practice field.