Game Rescheduling Payments


This policy is in effect beginning the Spring 2017 soccer season.

*NEW! Rescheduling A Game Out of Policy

Any game requested to be rescheduled less than the required policy notice which is: by 11:59 PM, Wednesday night before the weekend game which is to be played OR 72 hours before a weeknight game which is to be played shall require payment of a Referee Reschedule Fee by the team requesting the change according to the following schedule:
  • U6 $10 
  • U7/U8 $15
  • U9/U10 $40
  • U11/U12 $55
  • U13/U14 $85
  • U15/U16 $100
  • U17-U19 $115 
Rescheduling a Game Already Rescheduled
Any game which has been previously rescheduled shall require payment of a $25 Administrative Reschedule Fee in addition to the referee fees, payable by the team requesting the change, prior to being rescheduled again.
  • U6 $35
  • U7/U8 $40
  • U9/U10 $65
  • U11/U12 $80
  • U13/U14 $110
  • U15/U16 $125
  • U17-U19 $140
Tournament Exceptions
Any team registering for an OSA sanctioned tournament shall provide notice to the BASC Games Scheduler of any potential schedule conflict and request a reschedule at least 5 days prior to the conflict to avoid the referee reschedule fee.  If the acceptance to the tournament is within 5 days of the start of the game the team will not be subject to the $25 Administrative Reschedule Fee if applicable.
Soccer Goal Safety Warning! Never climb on or hang on soccer goals or nets.  Goals can fall over causing serious injury or death. 
All payments must be made on-line via PayPal on the BASC website using the Payment Form link below or with exact cash at the BASC office (no checks accepted).  Reschedules will not be made until payment is confirmed to the Games Scheduler.