ISSC Scrimmage and Special Training Scheduling

Scrimmages may be scheduled by BASC teams for play at ISSC so long as at least one team is an official BASC team and a uniformed/liscened referee officiates the game. Scrimmages are afforded a 90 minute time block. The BASC Referee Assignor can assist coaches in finding a referee but is not required to ensure a referee is located and/or scheduled. Payment for the referee services are to be negotiated between the coach and referee.

Special Training sessions may be requested to be scheduled at ISSC by BASC teams who wish participate in a BASC Special Training Clinic.  The training session shall be coordinated and directed by a third party coach or trainer.  Special Training Clinics are part of BASC continuing soccer curriculum and the third party coach shall provide training on a soccer curriculum topic as recommended by the BASC Head Coach. Training sessions are afforded a 90 minute time block. A special training session does not include training of one or more BASC teams by their own coach(es).

Soccer Goal Safety Warning! Never climb on or hang on soccer goals or nets.  Goals can fall over causing serious injury or death. 

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