BASC Sheffield United Partnership graphc

BASC Sheffield United Partnership graphc

Sheffield / BA Partnership


BASC & Sheffield United Competitive Partnership


Broken Arrow Soccer Club is excited to announce the expansion of our competitive programming for our upper teams in a collaboration with Sheffield United Soccer Club. Broken Arrow Soccer Club has a rich, 46-year legacy of innovation, community involvement, and successful competitive programming. This exciting new partnership with Sheffield United serves to further that legacy by providing even more opportunities for players and families to participate in competitive soccer. 


Partnering with a like-minded organization in Sheffield United allows us to provide the best possible experience for players and their families with more local, meaningful matches, a clearer and comprehensive pathway from recreational soccer to competitive soccer, and provide for maximum player mobility with a streamlined Clubwide Player Pass architecture and tryout model.


Additionally, the combined resources of Keas Fields and Indian Springs Soccer Complex, only minutes away from each other, provide the largest and most beautiful venues in Oklahoma for league and tournament play.


Broken Arrow Soccer Club’s competitive program teams will take on a new look that reflects the common values and vision we share with Sheffield United Soccer Club. A focus on character development, with combined coaching and training resources, provides a strong and attractive alternative to the current, revenue-driven approach to competitive soccer in the Tulsa area. 


Interested coaches, parents, or players can reach out to All communications will be kept in confidence.


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