Referee Information

BASC is very proud of our local referees and the club works hard to support their continued education and training!


Becoming a Referee with BASC

If you are interested in becoming a referee or just have referee related questions please contact the BASC Area Referee via email to:

Click to view/download: Becoming a BASC Referee

BASC Area Referee:  Nate Hopkins

BASC Referee Assignor: Jim Brittian or 918-873-6099

To become a referee with BASC please fill out the following form: BASC REFEREE REGISTRATION FORM


Other Forms & Information:

W-9 Form

Tax Information

OSA Referee Forms

OSA Referee Classes

OSA Referee Class Registration Process

Referee Application for Membership

Rules For U6 Program

Rules For U7 Program

Rules for U8 Program

Rules For U9/U10 Program

Rules For U11/12 Program

Rules For U13 Through U19 Program

Sideline Rules For Coaches & Parents

U7/U8 "No Sweeper Keeper" Info

Red Cards

Player/Coach Misconduct Report Form (For Rec Open / Rec + / OPL Teams) 

Player/Coach Misconduct Report Form (for Closed League Teams)


Referee Dress Code

BASC requires referees to be equipped with the following iniform and gear:

  • Each referee must have at least 2 jerseys: Green and Yellow
  • Referee must have black referee shorts (no logo wear)
  • Referee must wear black shoes
  • Referee crew must wear matching socks
  • Referee must have 2 wrist watches (stop watches not allowed)
  • Referee must have 2 whistles
  • Referee must have shirt tucked in all the way when on the field
  • If wearing an undershirt it must be black
  • Referee must have 2 pens and scorecards
  • Referee must have a red and yellow card
  • When off duty at the complex please remove your referee jersey
  • Referee must have a flipping coin

It is important that BASC referees always conform to this code. To be treated with respect referees need to always act and dress professionally.


Referee Game Pay Scale

Recreational Games Referee Pay Schedule

Age Group Center Referee Asst Referee
U6 $20 -
U8 $25 -
U9/10 $30 $20
U11/12 $40 $30
U13/14 $50 $35
U15/16 $60 $40
U19 $70 $45