Soccer Parent Information

Soccer Parent Information

Pre-Season Soccer Parent Infomation

What Team Is My Child On?

Please be aware that players are still being added to teams and the team formation process is still in place until all teams are at capacity.  This is a lengthy process with almost 1800 players. 

Parents should hear from their child's coach by mid-February and no later than February 20th for the Spring Soccer Season and by mid-August and no later than August 20th for the Fall Soccer Season. Please be patient as some coaches will be trying to line up a practice field along with many other important team items before contacting parents. During the Spring Soccer Season, between February 15th and February 20th, and during the Fall Soccer Season, between August 15th and August 20th parents can Click Here to see which team their child has been placed.

  1. Coaches Kids:  If you are the *head coach* or *designated assistant coach* of a team - your child which has registered on time will have guaranteed placement on your team. The 2 designated players are the only guaranteed players on the team.       
  2. Team Requests:  Requests for a team or a certain player are not guaranteed.  BASC will not refund registration due to a request issue.  Please see the  BASC Special Requests Policy for more information.
  3. Practice Requests:  Requests to be placed on a team based on a practice day, time or location cannot be granted.   BASC does not place players on a team based on where or when a team practices and will not refund registration due to a practice field request issue.
  4. Late Sign-Ups:  If you signed up after the deadline of January 13, we will make every effort to place your child on a team.   If we cannot place your child on a team due to all teams being at full capacity, you will receive a notification email around February 21st and a full refund. 

If you have not heard from a coach by February 20th during the spring soccer season and by August 20th during the fall soccer season, you can check this link for your team information.  

You can also email the BASC Registrar: The BASC Registrar is the person you need to discuss registration questions or team placement concerns!  

How Will The Coach Contact Me?

Coaches should be contacting parents around mid-February and no later than February 20th during the spring soccer season and no later than August 20th during the fall soccer season.  Look for an email, text or phone call as your communication from the coach. 

About Your Coach

  • All coaches are volunteers and are parents just like you!  Please help your child have a positive experience by being a coach or supporting your coach with your efforts to help the team!  
  • If you are a licensed soccer coach or have experience with soccer and would like to help your team - please volunteer to be an assistant coach or team manager.  
  • All parents should help do something for their team whether it's coaching or helping with a snack schedule or scheduling team pictures or assisting and supporting the coach.  
  • Click Here to let us know if you would like to help be an assistant coach for your team or be the team manager.  We have coach licensing classes coming up in February - Click Here for more information or to sign up! 

Practice Fields

BE AWARE - BASC practice fields are located in the vicinity and surrounding areas of the City of Broken Arrow and also the 51st & 129th area, all players share fields on various days and times of the week.  Be prepared to drive to and from practices in the vicinity and surrounding areas of of BA and also the 51st & 129th area.  

The coach will let you know where and when practices are for your team.  BASC will not place players on a team based on where or when a team practices. 

Picture Requirement

ALL U9 thru U19 players must have a picture in their player account.  A mandatory requirement of every U9 thru U19 team are player passes with a picture ID for every single player in order to play the game. A player pass without a picture is not a legal player pass. Parents can add a picture to the player account with instructions in this link: Click Here.

This mandatory requirement should be done no later than February 15th for the spring soccer season and August 15th for the fall soccer season. 


Your coach will discuss uniforms for your child when they contact you.  Each coach picks out the uniform for their team and will let you know where to purchase uniform items. More uniform info can be found HERE.


Dick's Sporting Goods Soccer Shop Day!

Each February during the spring season and each August during the fall season. BA Location Only. Watch your emails and check our website for coupons on some great deals!

BASC Field Day

Each February during the spring season and each August during the fall season.  This is held at the Indian Springs Soccer Complex, meet on the east side shed.  All parents needed! 



Schedules for games will be published online at our website no later than 5 days prior to the first game of each season. Please plan for games to include both spring break weekends and the Saturday of Easter weekend during the spring soccer season and fall break weekend during the fall soccer season. Seasons typically end with spring season ending mid - to - late May and fall season ending mid-to-late November.


First Game

The spring soccer season will kick-off the first Saturday in March. The fall soccer season will kick off the first Saturday after Labor Day.

Lots of Parent Information Here

Q & A for BASC soccer parents -  CLICK HERE!


Team placement questions should be directed to the BASC Registrar.  Email only - The Registrar a volunteer for BASC and works during the daytime hours. Please email him at:    

Please do not call the business office to ask about a request or team placement issue, the business office does not form teams & cannot answer team placement questions. Questions of this type are handled by the Club Registrar:


Thank you for being a member of Broken Arrow Soccer Club!

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